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Do I Need to Replace Roof After Hail?

Hail Damage Marked on a Roof.

Do I need to replace roof after hail?

While spring is the most common time for hail in Texas, it can hit almost anytime. Whenever it does, it can leave your roof vulnerable to major damage. While hail damage should always be a concern, whether your roof needs to be replaced will depend on how serious the damage and how long it’s been there. When hail hits your roof, it can just cause minor damage like knocking away granules off your shingles, or it can knock holes in your roof. If your roof has been fully penetrated, you’ll need to replace the whole roof. But, even a few dents and worn away granules can be trouble, especially if water seeps under the shingles and leaks occur. Serious leaks can cause structural deterioration, which could lead you to need a full roof replacement.

One of the most frustrating things about hail damage is that it may not be immediately apparent from the ground. Homeowners sometimes ignore the damage, if it isn’t readily apparent, and this is usually where the trouble begins. If ignored for weeks or months, this is often when leaks develop and more serious structural damage occurs. One of the best ways to find out if you have hail damage, and figure out whether your roof just needs some minor repairs, or if it needs to be replaced, is to call a reputable roofer and get the roof inspected as soon as possible after a hail storm. If your roof has been damaged by hail and you need roof hail damage repair in Dallas, TX, the reputable roofing professionals to rely on are those at Accent Roofing & Construction. Schedule a roof inspection and get an estimate from us by calling 214-295-5500.

What does roof damage from hail look like?

After a hailstorm, hail damage may not be apparent from the ground. That’s why it’s important to go up on the roof to check for damage. Even then, you have to know what you’re looking for. Here are some tips to spot hail damage:

  • Check flashing, metal valleys, and vents for dents. If you’ve had your car dented by hail, you’ll see similar dents in the metal on your roof, and these dents are the first sign of hail damage.
  • Look for dents on the ridge cap. Ridges are the highest point on your roof and often get hit the hardest by hail. Dents are a sure sign of hail damage.
  • Check for cracks, missing granules, or bruising on your shingles. Like bruises on your skin, a bruise on your roof will feel softer and have some give when you place your finger on dimples caused by hail.

Is hail damage repairable

Yes, hail damage to your roof is repairable. To find out how extensive the damage is, get in touch with a reputable roofer like those at Accent Roofing & Construction to inspect the roof and assess the damage. Roofers are trained to spot damage, and we can also provide you with an estimate you can include on an insurance claim. 

Can hail damage a metal roof

One of the advantages of having a metal roof is that it is highly resistant to hail damage. In fact, many metal roofing materials are Class 4 impact resistant. This is the highest damage resistance rating any roofing material can receive. While metal roofs can get dented by hail, they won’t get penetrated, so hail won’t cause leaks on a metal roof.

What size hail will damage a roof?

Depending on what kind of roofing material you have, any size hail could affect your roof. Standard asphalt shingle roofs are probably the most vulnerable, while impact-resistant shingles and metal roofs hold up the best. Still, the smaller the size hail, the less likely it will cause damage or significant damage. Pea-sized hail—about ¼ inch—is unlikely to do any damage. Your roof may also be safe to some extent with marble-sized hail. Once hailstones get bigger than that, the greater the likelihood damage will occur. The bigger the hail is the more likely your roof may also experience wind damage. Wind is pivotal in the formation of hail, and the bigger the hailstones, the stronger the wind will be. No matter the size of the hail, it’s still good to inspect your roof afterward for any damage. You don’t want to be caught off guard later on by leaks or structural damage caused by hail earlier in the year.

How long do you have to report hail damage to your roof?

Because hail damage is hard to spot, you may wonder when to claim hail damage on your roof if you’ve just discovered it. With hail, the sooner the better because the faster the damage is repaired, the better. But, you are in luck when it comes to insurance claims. Most insurance companies give you a year from the hail event to report the damage. Always check with your individual insurer to make certain what your policy covers. 

Do I have to pay a deductible for hail damage to my roof?

Generally, almost all insurance policies require a deductible to be paid before a repair is covered. Hail damage is no exception. Normally, with hail, the deductible will vary depending on where you live. States like Texas that have high incidences of hail will often have higher deductibles. Again, checking with your insurer is always the best way to find out about what’s covered and how much deductibles will cost.

A Shingle Damaged by Hail

Hail damage repair near me

When hail has damaged your roof and you need hail damage repair in Dallas, TX, the professionals to turn to are those at Accent Roofing & Construction. We offer a complete range of roofing solutions and fast, effective repairs. Find out more or schedule our services by calling 214-295-5500.

Is a Metal Roof Worth It?

Metal roof edge

What are the advantages of a metal roof?

Roofers are always looking to offer homeowners with the best roofing options that will efficiently protect their roof and last them with a long working lifespan. One such option exists in the form of metal roofing. An occasionally misunderstood and extremely popular form of roofing that benefits Americans across the country, metal roofing has various benefits that not only make it superior to traditional forms of roofing but also helps your house as well. Such advantages include:

  • Storm resistance
  • Reflects sunlight
  • Lifespan of up to fifty years
  • Fire resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • Energy efficient 
  • Superior customization 

By function, a modern metal roof has several advantages that metal roofing used years ago do not. A metal roof has historically been capable against things like hail and wind, bouncing off the impact better than asphalt shingles. Furthermore, the metal material helps your air conditioning unit by actually making your home cooler in the warmer months. Metal roofing can bring your home many more advantages that will help it last longer and allow you to live easier.

Do you put gutters on a metal roof?

Gutters can go on any home with a roof, that includes those with metal roofing. That is if the gutters can attach to the fascia and get bracketed to hold it steady. Gutters should be close to the edge of the roof by being held high on the fascia so as to make the system as efficient as possible. Furthermore, a metal roof can be superior to other forms of roofing due to water and debris flowing off of the roof faster thanks to the slick surface. 

That said, gutters are not necessarily a requirement for homeowners with a metal roof. This is due to a metal roof being highly resistant to what a gutter prevents. The gutter itself is meant to move rainwater from the roof and help with the natural flow that happens during storms. A metal roof naturally does that, so a gutter may be much better suited to gathering rainwater or moving it to a specific location if a gutter system were to be installed. 

This is the case for metal roofing installation over a shingled roof as well, which is an absolutely possible thing. While installing a metal roof over shingles will grant the house a superior toughness to the elements, it will also build the chance of moisture getting trapped inside. Furthermore, repairs to such a roof would be more expensive due to the layering a roofer would have to go through if there were a leak or heavy damaging.

Do metal roofs make houses hotter?

Metal roofing installation has more than a couple of misconceptions about how it can affect parts of normal living. For example, as mentioned a metal roof makes a home cooler in warmer months rather than the other way around. This is because metal roofing reflects radiant sunlight away and does not absorb as much energy as a normal roof does. This helps your air conditioner and home overall be more energy efficient. That is by way of the metal roof helping the installed HVAC system to keep the area at a better temperature-controlled state. When a home is cooler, other electrical appliances do not have to work as hard and do not short out as often. 

A similar misconception is found when people assume that a metal roof is loud when it rains. In fact, a metal roof is quieter than most roofs thanks to the deck beneath the roofing. While it may make some noise on the exterior of the home, it is not nearly as loud as older models. Residents with a metal roof installed will have no problems with the noise when the weather turns to rain.

Do metal roofs affect cell phone reception?

Metal roofing by no means affects a cellular signal inside your home due to it having no materials that work against such signals built into the panels used to create your roof. However, homes with weaker signals may experience an amplification in the spots that have weak and strong services. However, a homeowner that is interested in a metal roof will want to get a stronger wifi connection due to how the material reacts with that specific material. With a wifi system being similar to radio, metal tends to disrupt the signal sent out wirelessly. That is why we recommend a home that has a hard-wired system to compliment the wireless system if the signal is not strong enough.

metal roof

Can you power wash a metal roof?

Depending on how accessible the roof is to a person, a light level power washing is absolutely capable of cleaning a metal roof. Keep in mind however that too high of power from a power washer will cause damage to metal roofing and open the interior up to damages such as leaks. That is why it is recommended to use anything from a low-level power wash to a bucket and some soap. If you want more information on metal roofing, call 214-295-5500 today and learn how Accent Roofing & Construction can help you.