Best Metal Roofing for Residential Homes

The roof on your house needs to be strong, sturdy, and reliable. Metal roofing can be a great option for your home because it does all three, and it does them extremely well. No matter what the weather’s like where you live, having a metal roof would benefit you. These roofs can withstand storms, extreme weather changes, and snow extremely well. If you’re thinking about buying a metal roof for your home, you might be thinking about what specific metal you’d like to utilize for your home. Read on to figure out the pros and the cons of each material, and figure out which one is the right one for you.

Types of Metal

There are a couple of different choices you have when it comes to the metal that you can choose for your roof. The most popular options are various types of steels, aluminum, copper, and zinc. There are also metals that are combinations of the few. All of these types of roofs have various pros and cons that will either convince you to purchase them or push you away.

Steel is the material that is most used in residential homes. That fact probably has a lot to do with its low cost. But often, galvanized steel (a low cost, thinner version) can corrode very easily when it’s exposed to heavy amounts of saltwater. In turn, you probably don’t want to use this material for homes that are by the water (beach homes, etc.) The prices of steel depend on the type of steel that you’re getting. If you’re looking at stone-coated steel it starts at about $400 dollars a square. If you’re trying to get steel shingles, that might be about $270 a square. But typically, if you’re not trying to go for the fancy stuff, ordering steel for your roof is going to set you back at least $300 dollars a square. If installed right, your steel roof should last you at least 50 years.

Aluminum is the second most popular steel for roofing. It’s so popular because it’s more durable than steel, while only being a fraction of the price of premium steels like copper and zinc. When it comes to how it would fair in a coastal home, aluminum works a completely different way than steel does. If you’re living in a place by the beach, then aluminum would be the best choice for your home. It’s often thought of as a step up from steel when it comes to the quality. In turn, you’re going to have to give up a bit more cash. In general, it costs about $100 more per square than steel. Along with steel, aluminum will also last you at least 50 years.

The most expensive metals and the most durable of the bunch are definitely copper and zinc. These are roofs that could last hundreds of years with the proper care. But, if you’re looking for that longevity, you’re going to have to cough up some serious coin. They both cost about $900 to $1400 dollars a square. Because of the pricing, most people don’t make roofs that are fully out of copper. They usually just use it for accents throughout the home. But hey, if you’ve got enough money to pay for a fully copper or zinc roof then be my guest. If you’re trying to calculate the full cost of setting up your copper or zinc roof, it usually will be around $1800 for materials and labor per square.

Benefits of Having a Metal Roof

No matter what type of metal you’d prefer to use, they’re going to bring most of the same benefits. When it comes to the horrors of the winter season like ice dams and snow, a metal roof is going to be your best protection against it. They are thought of like ice and snow shedding system, so you’re not going to have to worry about roof leaks. Speaking of weather, these roofs can withstand hurricane-level winds. That makes them great for people who live in states where hurricanes are more prevalent.

The durability of metal roofs is what separates them from other types of roofs. You won’t have to worry about it cracking, rotting, or splitting. You’re also not going to find any creatures or rodents in your roof. They’re not going to survive on metal. It’s fire-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it like you would for a wood or asphalt roof. Whether you’re dealing with a hailstorm or sticks from overhead trees, it’s not going to damage the roof. This roof can handle almost anything that life might throw at it. When it comes to maintenance, you won’t have too many problems. The credit goes to the material’s incredible durability.

When you have a metal roof, you’ll see a difference in your energy bill. You can save at least 25%, due to the roof’s reflective nature. Copper and zinc aren’t as energy efficient as aluminum and steel. But, when you’re talking about energy-saving capability, it’s a lot better than dealing with asphalt. If you’re interested in saving the environment and reducing the amount of waste you produce, having a metal roof would be a great option. It uses the least amount of resources and can always be recycled. It can be recycled hundreds of times without worry about the material corroding. That means that it’ll never end up in a landfill once it reaches the end of its lifespan, reducing the country’s waste. Choosing a metal roof is one of the greenest choices that you can make when you’re finalizing your home.

Choosing the material of your roof can be difficult. There are pros and cons to each type of metal. But, they all are specialized enough that you can pick the perfect one for you from the choices given. Whether you choose steel or copper, metal roofs provide great benefits for your home that your family will love and adore for years and years to come.


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